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Engaines School is a Foundation Primary School with places for a maximum of 270 children.  Primarily we provide places for the children of families who live within our Parish Boundaries and these take up about 55% of the places available.  The rest of the places are taken up by people from the surrounding area of which a large proportion of those come from the town of Clacton.

Why do so many choose us?  We believe the answer is that many parents see what we have to offer in this ‘relatively small village primary school’ as a desirable alternative to the much larger urban primaries.

 We are without any doubt a very successful school but importantly just one successful school surrounded by many other successful schools.

We have over many years established a reputation for high achievement in music, sport, dance, teaching, learning, community links and developing a caring attitude in those children who attend our school.

We all believe that every child can achieve and it is our duty to ensure that they achieve their best.  It may be they have academic ability, which we will encourage them to develop or sporting ability, which they will get every chance to develop or music, art, drama, singing.  Whatever their talent, we will do our best to identify it and encourage the children to reach the highest standard they can in that area.

We also take great pride in the excellent work that is carried out with children who have Special needs and our policy is simply to identify those needs as early as possible and put in place the support that the child needs to help them overcome those problems. It is this approach, that we believe helps us to maintain our high standards.

Our school has developed greatly over the last seven years as we have moved towards our objective of creating a school with all modern facilities under one roof, suitable for educating children in the new millennium.



The program of redevelopment began with our first project, the building of a new school hall to replace the inadequate, undersized hall that had been made by linking two old classrooms.  This project was completed in 1996.  The space released was converted into a School Library and a very spacious I.C.T Room.

 Following this we thought a minor project would be appropriate and revamped the entrance to the school creating an entrance lobby and much needed office space.

 Next came the addition of two new Junior class bases to replace two of the outside classrooms, with these came a new toilet block and some additional administration spaces.

 The most recent and hopefully final stage of redevelopment was our involvement in an innovative Public Private Partnership Initiative which led to five new class bases, SEN Room, Music Room, new toilets, storage space and a group activity room being constructed.  Additionally the works allowed us to design in large open spaces, I.C.T. infrastructure and the complete refurbishment of the old building including the kitchens.

Our children enjoy a school rich in learning resources with an environment developed.


·         A large school pond and environmental area

·         An extensive tree planting program

·         Bird boxes including kestrel box and owl box

·         Bat boxes

·         Hedge planting

·         Creation of meadow areas

·         Soft play areas

·         Pagodas and seating areas

·         Quiet story areas

·         A pathway to access pond and hedgerow throughout the year


We have, over a period of time, created the school that we all wanted, a school we can all be proud of.


We are now hoping to become an Academy, to help us our journey to becoming an Outstanding School. We will be part of Connected Learning, a Multi-Academy Trust.