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Ms Irwin is keen to hear parents views and concerns about the school. Check back here to see how your comments have been acted on. If you have a concern, idea or suggestion, please approach her or email her here

You said: So we have:
We would like the drinks trolley to sell healthy snacks The drinks trolley now only sells healthy snacks
Could we have a parent notice board? The notice board on the playground attached to preschool will now be a parent notice board and we also have one at the front of the school.
Portion sizes needed to be bigger for the older children, particularly the hungry boys
Made sure there is bread offered with meals and extra carbohydrates e.g potatoes
We have concerns about homework Purchased MyMaths and BugClub as homework support and offered parent meetings to explain the websites. Parents are also now made aware of when homework is set and taken in.
We have difficulties supporting children with their homework Arranged parent workshops for literacy and numeracy
We would like to come into school more Invited parents in weekly for our Achievement assembly and weekly lunches for classes.
We have concerns about stranger danger and e-safety. We arranged for the PCSO to talk to the children and PC Alan Williams will hold an internet safety talk to parents.